Hair transplantation

Offering SafeSystem–FUE, the most effective hair transplant technique.

Plastic surgeries

Breast, eyelid, lip and other plastic surgeries, Crisalix 3D technology.

About us

Hungary has gained a considerable role in the field of health and medical tourism.

The professionalism and care during medical treatments combined with the favourable prices makes Hungary a popular destination for foreign patients when considering a cosmetic surgery of any kind.

It is also easy to combine the surgery with a holiday in Budapest, moreover it is also an option to spend some time in the countryside as well using our support if needed.

Goodlooking Hungary is ready to help you to supply any information about the treatments, answer your questions, arrange consultations with the clinics, make the necessary reservations and also offer help of any kind during your stay in Hungary.


Please contact us for further information

We can arrange consultation for you even on skype with the Clinic, help you with your travel if necessary or give local support (airport transfer, pickup at hotel or any assistance needed during your stay).